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MoZaik Logo Design

Mozaik By Britt, Sam DeLeon Creative, Logo Design

Britt is an amazing artist and mosaics is her medium. She creates these beautiful designs and sells them on her etsy site. Her tag line is Living Life In Color...isn't that just amazing! Britt wanted a custom logo design that represented her and her business well. We worked together to make that happen!

Mozaik By Britt, Sam DeLeon Creative, Logo Design
Inspiration Board

Mozaik by Britt, Sam DeLeon Creative, Logo design
Final Logo Design


Before you leave...

Need a little creative help for your passion project and/or business?

I love helping people tell their visual stories so they can better connect with their clients. Think of me as your on-call creative department, whether it's a website or a simple marketing piece,let's create together! Click here to learn more about what I do.


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