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Launch your website within days with easy-to-use Wix Website Templates.

Modern-inspired, completely customizable, easy-to-use website templates. 

Customized Wix Websites without the custom price tag.

Experience, Coding or Creativity

NOT Required!

You have a beautiful website in mind, but not the budget required to make it happen.  So you use the default templates, leaving you feeling pretty "meh" about your site.  Can you relate?  I've been there too!  I was at the mercy of a so-so template and confused how to use it, scouring the web and YouTube videos trying to learn it, then felt overwhelmed with what to do, leaving my website and myself in disarray.

If this describes you, I created these templates with you in mind!  Finally, a website you and your audience will love - just pick a design, buy it, customize it, launch it and start sharing it with the world.  These website templates are fully customizable to match your brand, including colors, fonts and images.  

No experience necessary!

Website has never been so easy!  Wix has a drag and drop process, so

no coding required! 

Budget Friendly

Get that custom design look without that custom design price tag!

Totally Customizable!

These websites can be customized to meet your brand and your personality!  


Stand out from your competition without having to do the creative work, it's already done!

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A bright, sophisticated, and strategic design crafted for health coaches, life coaches, and other wellness coaches.


Step 1
Wix Website Template for health

Learn About The


Answering the most common questions "How does all this work?", "Can I do it myself?" and "What if I need help?" I've got you covered: learn the ways to proceed after you've purchased your Wix template.


Choose A Website Template

Whether your style is modern and minimal or fun and bright, these Wix website templates are designed strategically to make your brand stand out from the crowd.

Step 2
Step 3

Pour yourself a fresh cup of your favorite brew and celebrate - you on your way to modern designed website that will showcase you and what you have to offer in a sleek design.  Are you ready to DIY your template and have the time to customize it yourself?  Or does the sound of that stress you out - you want a custom website without the price tag of a fully custom design? Learn more on what I have to offer.

Display computer-6.png

DIY Or Hire Me!

Websites are the online version of your business card.  You want something totally unique, tailored to fit your brand that you can be proud of... and you need it done yesterday.

Let's look at your options...


Big Box Templates

DIY-ing a boring, big box template that does nothing to showcase your particular brand of awesome, won't attract your dream client, and that you’d need to be some sort of creative wizard to customize. Probably getting tired of that template and buying a new one in six months. 


Custom Design

Hiring a designer can be expensive and having you spending months and months cranking out something "custom" you may or may not love in the end.  At the mercy of their "creative genius", you still don't feel they get it.  Wanting to edit the site yourself, you either need to YouTube "website coding" or spending more money for additional edits.

 - OR - 

My Wix Website Templates

Creatively designed templates on Wix, an extremely user friendly, zero coding required platform.  And these Wix website templates are designed for people just like you.  These templates are completely customizable, built to stand out, and attract your dream clients. Strategic, stunning, and made to grow and adapt as fast as you do. Easy to use, easy to change, easy on the eyes. Giving you the confidence in your online presence you need to do what YOU do best.  All for a tiny fraction of the cost of a custom design. 

Still overwhelmed? I got you!

All sounds great, you just don't have the time or patience or both!  Skip the overwhelming feeling of launching your website on your own and hire me to do it for you and give it that extra WOW factor.

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