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Sam DeLeon Creative, Creative Designer, Graphic Designer, Photographer, El Dorado Hills


I'm Sam, a freelance photographer and designer who loves to create. I started this journey as a passion project many years ago. Becoming a full time stay at home mom was super hard for me. After years of telling myself I’m not the domestic Susie Homemaker I thought I needed to be, I realized God was teaching me a more valuable lesson, which included stripping away things I built my identity around.

Still needing a creative outlet, I picked up my “fancy camera” that I was too scared to use and jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon and taught myself how to use it. This grew into loving more than just photography but designing.

I’m now on a new path of mixing my love for photography, design and helping others.

Call me your on-call creative. You provide the vision, the wording and I’ll provide the design. It’s like you baked the cake and I help you beautifully decorate it.

Interested in working with me? Contact me. I'd love to talk to you!

You can also follow me on Facebook and Instagram.


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