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Lori Lara | Website Design

Lori Lara, website design, creative designer, el dorado hills

Lori Lara is an amazing powerhouse. If you mix Bruce Lee and Mother Theresa, you would get Lori Lara! Lori is a 3rd degree blackbelt with a heart for women and she empowers women, through a self-defense program she created called The Strong Girls Defense Program.

Lori is on a mission to share hope, healing, and real world self-defense instruction and is an amazing woman and influencer!  Lori was looking to update her website that was a one-page and a bit outdated. Lori was all set to go with a headshot and photographs, all she needed was them to be viewable on a professional, sleek website.  We worked together in creating a minimalist website with a modern flair.  Only a couple weeks of meeting and editing, her site was ready to go!

She says: “Sam, you are AMAZING! I love my website. You were incredibly creative, flexible, and easy to work with. I can’t recommend you high enough. 10/10!”



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